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Rehabbing Animals

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Rehabbing Animals

These animals are currently receiving treatment at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We are one of only three facilities that treat sea turtles with the fibropapilloma virus in our ICU.  This virus causes the growth of tumors that can be removed surgically with variable success for regrowth.

Name: California
Species: Green
Where From: East Coast of Florida
Date Admitted: 12-1-2014
Cause of Admit: Floating during swim test & suffers from Fibropapilloma
Current Condition:  California is a juvinille Green seaturtle who was transferred from Volusia Marine Science Center. California shows large amounts on GI air and IC air can be seen on CT scan a has fibropapiloma, is larthatgic and will be undergoing exams with Dr. Walsh during their first week here.

Name: Ricky Bobby
Species: Kemp’s Ridley
Where From: Indian Rocks Beach
Date Admitted:  July 26th, 2014
Cause of Admit: Caught by fishermen, and had an old boat strike on carapace
Current Condition: Ricky has undergone another surgery. The 2 hooks he originally ingested created a large tear in his lung.  Dr. Pelton surgically stitched areas that are not healing as well for faster recovery. Ricky is recovering out of water to let him heal and conserve energy. He has started to eat some solid food but will continue to receive twice daily TPN nutritional IV supplements. 

Name: Van Wilder
Species: Green
Where From: Cocoa Power Plant
Date Admitted: November 6th, 2014
Cause of Admit: Stranded with Fibropapilloma
Current Condition: Juvenile Green sea turtle that was found in a dumpster.  Van Wilder suffers from a severe case of fibropapilloma virus. Large tumors covering a majority of his neck and inguinal area, along with his eyes. Currently receiving tube feedings and fluids 3x’s a day as well as beginning to eat solid food on his own!

Name: Wilson
Species: Green
Where From: Playalinda Beach
Date Admitted: November 7th, 2014
Cause of Admit: Minor Fibropapilloma
Current Condition: Wilson is a juvenile Green sea turtle, minor case of fibropapilloma virus, lots of intestinal gas which was causing him to float however after a few days he is now seen sitting on the bottom of his pool with no problem. Currently receiving tube feedings and fluids 3x’s a day as well as beginning to eat solid food on his own!

Name: Yoda
Species: Kemp's Ridley
Where From: Clearwater
Date Admitted: November 9th, 2014
Cause of Admit: Found Floating by Boaters
Current Condition: Yoda was found floating in Clearwater Pass. Juvenile Kemps Ridley sea turtle. No obvious injuries. Under going evaluation. Currently being tube fed 3x’s a day and receiving fluids. Offering solid food on a daily basis but not showing interest in eating anything yet.

Name: Zohan
Where From:Transfer from Valusia Marine Science Center
Date Admitted:November 15th, 2014
Cause of Admit:Fibropapilloma and Severe Boat Strikes
Current Condition:Zohan is a Juvenile Green Sea turtle with the paps virus as well as multiple old severe boat strikes along his carapace. Currently under observations and receiving wound care and fluids daily.

Name: Scarface
Species: Kemp's Ridley
Date Admitted:September 17th, 2014
Where Found: Pier 60
Cause of Admit: Stranded with Hook Ingestion
Current Condition: Scarface is no longer receiving the TPN IV treatment. He is eating some solid food and supplementing his nutrition with tube feedings. Further, he is receiving nebulizer treatments with medication specialized in thinning mucus and fighting infections.  How do you give breathing treatments to a turtle who can hold its breath for two hours?  We created a plexiglass box where Scarface could rest comfortably until the medication was inhaled.

Name:  Ozzy
Species:  Loggerhead
Where Found:   Pasco County
Date of Admit:  November 23rd, 2013
Cause of Admit:  Ozzy was entangled in a crab trap, which broke her front right flipper.
Current Condition:  Ozzy is now swimming in deeper water to increase the use of the injured flipper however, she still lacks full range of motion.  The wounds related to the entanglement are nearly healed. Her progress continues to be assessed, but healing bones take a long time to mend.

Name:  Han Solo
Species:  Green
Where Found:  A St. Petersburg Marina
Date of Admit:  April 15th, 2014                
Cause of Admit:  Suspected boat strike that resulted in multiple lacerations on the plastron and on the rear of the carapace.
Current Condition:  A brace, fastened to ensure the carapace heals smoothly and keeps a normal shape, has been removed.  Han Solo is now swimming and eating well. Once his shell is fully healed, he will be a candidate for release.

Name:  Yankovic aka “Weird Al”
Species:  Green
Where Found:  The Panhandle
Date of Admit:  February 7th, 2014
Cause of Admit:  Cold Stun
Current Condition:  Yankovic was a part of a mass stranding of turtles who couldn’t adjust to a sudden drop in ocean temperature. He also came in with the Fibropapilloma Virus.  The virus has caused a multitude of tumors around his head, neck and flippers.  He has had one pap removal but will have several more ahead of him.

Name:  Tazo
Species:  Green
Where Found:  Citrus County
Date of Admit:  March 23rd, 2013
Cause of Admit:  Was stranded with wounds on his flippers and had 40% of his plastron exposed to the bone.
Current Condition:  Tazo’s wounds have healed completely but he also has Fibropapilloma tumors present on his flippers, neck and eyes.  Tazo has undergone a number of pap removal surgeries, and currently we are assessing his condition.

Name:  Nugent
Species:  Green
Where Found:  Transfer from Volusia Marine Science Center in St. John’s County
Date of Admit:  November 15th, 2013
Cause of Admit:  Fibropapilloma Virus
Current Condition:  Nugent has had some papilloma tumor surgery removals and we are currently monitoring his recovery.

Name:  Prince
Species:  Green
Where Found:  Transfer from Wakulla County;  Found in Apalachee Bay
Date of Admit:  November 12th, 2013
Cause of Admit:  Fibropapilloma Virus, thin
Current Condition:  Prince was admitted with a severe case of Fibropapilloma tumors. The tumors had grown over his eyes, severely limiting his vision and thus, his ability to forage for food. Since his admit, Prince has returned to a healthy weight and has undergone multiple tumor removal surgeries. He continues to heal from the removals.

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