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Winter's Assistant Trainer

Would you like a chance to assist the trainer for the most famous dolphin in the world? Sign up today to participate as an assistant to one of Winter's trainers for one 15 minute session. This experience will allow our guests to understand exactly what it takes to care for the star of the blockbuster hit, Dolphin Tale!

During your experience, you may encounter one of the following sessions with Winter and her trainer:

  • Match to Sample – assist us with this cognitive behavior used to stimulate the thought process by correctly choosing an object out of a group that was shown to Winter at another location in the pool.
  • Painting – let Winter express her creative side by choosing two colors for Winter to use while painting a canvas or autographing a book. You will be able to help us throughout the process of her artistic expression
  • EED Play – Help us choose toys for Winter to play with throughout the session. Watch how Winter uses each toy differently, see how many ways you can use the same object creatively.
  • Tail Assist – Help us prepare and clean Winter's prosthetic tail for one of her physical therapy sessions.
  • Physical Therapy – Assist Winter's trainer during the actual physical therapy stretching process. Learn about how and why we stretch Winter and the benefits of this type of therapy. Assist the trainer by actually keeping time and analyzing her progress for this session.
  • Window Work – Enrichment comes in a variety of ways. We can use some special toys at the windows in Shipwreck Alley to keep Winter engaged throughout the session. Learn to be creative and see how excited Winter becomes as new toys are introduced in creative ways.
  • Meet and Greet – assist with various behaviors with Winter's trainer on the encounter platform

Price = $449/person (includes General Admission for Participant, T-Shirt, and One Photo included with options to purchase flash drive)
Ages = 7 years old and up
Amount of Opportunities = 2 people
Time of Day = 11:30 am
***An opportunity to touch, get wet, or feed are NOT promised in your session
***All refunds are ONLY given if Winter is NOT participating in the session with her trainer


*Prices are subject to change until reservations are confirmed with full payment. All prices are subject to change without notice until paid in full. Seasonal rates, restrictions, and blackout dates may apply.