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The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most well-known dolphin (cetaceans) species around the world, and we are lucky enough to have four of them as residents of Clearwater Marine Aquarium! With such a variety in age and personality, there's never a dull moment around our dolphins! Panama, Nicholas, Winter, and our newest addition Hope are all waiting to meet you and share why they are some of the most beloved sea mammals around the world. Click on their names on the left-hand side to learn more about our most popular residents!

About Bottlenose Dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin or Tursiops truncatus (its scientific name) is one of the larger species of dolphins and has a short, stubby beak which is how it received its "bottlenose" name. Bottlenose dolphins have 80-100 cone-shaped teeth and their body is commonly known for its light gray to slate gray coloration. Although they may not seem so large in the water, adults can range from 8-12 feet and can weigh up to 1,400 pounds! Keeping our resident dolphins fed is no easy task either. An adult bottlenose dolphin can consume anywhere from 15-30 pounds of food each day. Although they tend to prefer fish, in the wild they're also known for eating squid and crustaceans. The bottlenose dolphin, as all other marine mammals, is protected in U.S. waters under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.