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Green Sea Turtle

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Species: Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Age: Adult

Sex: Male

Weight: ~ 200 lbs.

Diet: Squid, Capelin, and Leafy Greens

Stranding Date: 11/12/89

Story: Paralyzed in the rear flippers, most likely due to injury on a fishing boat. Also suffers from a bouyancy disorder that makes it difficult for him to stay upright in the water.

Personality: Slightly grumpy old man

Loves: Squid and leafy greens

Known For: Doing amazingly long underwater headstands

Can Be Found: Bottoms up in his tank, taking it easy

Bailey's Tale:

Bailey joined the Clearwater Marine Aquarium family in November, 1989. Upon arrival, Bailey had pneumonia, a fractured front flipper, and a buoyancy disorder. Bailey overcame many of his initial challenges, but unfortunately still suffers from his buoyancy disorder. Although many think that Bailey has air trapped in the back of his carapace, causing him to float, his actually suffers from paralysis. We believe that Bailey was pulled up into a fishing net, and then dropped onto his back when the fishermen unloaded the contents of the net onto the deck of the boat. As a result, he sustained permanent damage to his spinal cord. Bailey loves to receive attention (both verbal and tactile!) from our staff, interns, and volunteers. Bailey happily resides in "Turtle Cove", with his pool-mates, Rob and Stubby.