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Are you thinking of selling or trading in that old boat or motor vehicle? Why not donate it instead? Clearwater Marine Aquarium has a boat donation program and has also partnered with Car Program Inc. for donations of motor vehicles to provide an easy-to-use, tax deductible process to donate your boat or motor vehicle. We have a long-established program designed to meet your needs, while generating funds to care for our animals and provide for youth education. As a charitable contribution, your donation could make a big difference! Our Mission: Clearwater Marine Aquarium's mission is to restore and preserve our marine environment. We accomplish our mission through leadership in education, research, and the rescue, rehabilitation, &release of marine life.

Here are several reasons to donate your boat or motor vehicle:

  • All your costs end
  • We do all the necessary paperwork
  • No more time spent in the up-keep of a boat or maintenance on a vehicle
  • You get a tax deduction for the donation as allowed by the IRS
  • There is no sales commission
  • You are helping a great marine life and environmental preservation cause
  • Your donation directly shows tangible results in our work at CMA

Donate Your Boat

Donate Your Vehicle

A representative will contact you via telephone within 5 business days to pick up your boat or motor vehicle. If you have questions you would like answered prior to initiating the donation process, please contact a customer service representative at (727)423-BOAT

Contact Information:
(727)423-BOAT or (727)441-1790 ext 264

Boats for Sale

Please call (727)423-BOAT or email for information on boats for sale.