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Fundraising Ideas to get your class involved in. If you would like more ideas or something more custom to your school and classroom, please contact Michael D. Atwell at or (727)441-1790 x237.

Dog Wash: Always a success especially when it's close to a dog park.

Car Wash: Except a donation for washing the outside of a car.

Lemonade Stand: Have the kids make lemonade, set up a stand somewhere and sell each cup full of lemonade.

Friendship Bracelets: Have the kids make friendship bracelets or jewelry and then sell them.

Ice Cream Social: Plan to hold a social at school. Ask for donations from all who attend.

Jeans Day: Students pay a designated amount to wear jeans on a Friday.

Popcorn Sale: Popcorn always smells so yummy. Pop and sell at school.

Hat Day: For a $1 donation, students can be allowed to wear hats to school/office. Encourage wacky hat day but get permission first.

Questions for a buck: Raise money by having a teacher, who was constantly being asked questions, charge $1 for each question for a designated time period.

Penny Drive: Students can collect loose change and bring it to class. The class with the most change can win a prize (like a Pizza Party).

Sing-a-Song: A business or school allows kids to stand in front and they have to sing a song for every donation.

Store Receipts: Talk to a local store and ask if you collect receipts of folks who are coming to raise money if they will donate back 2-5%.

Halloween Insurance: Have a "Volunteer Claims Team" and create forms to insure a clean yard, car, windows, etc. the day after Halloween. Have a phone number be the hotline to call it in and report a mess. Charge $10 for the service.

Playground Dance: Pledge per hour.

Jello Eating Contest:

*If Wal-Mart lets you fundraise in their parking lot(there is always a waiting list) they will double your money up to $500