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Want to become a Dolphin Trainer? A Marine Mammal Vet? Or maybe a Biologist?

Click below to learn more about what you need to know to have a career in one of these awesome fields!

How do I Become a Dolphin Trainer?

Dolphin trainers need to know a lot about dolphins, especially how they behave. So most of our trainers here at CMA have degrees in Psychology along with their studies in Biology. The four-year bachelor degree is a good start, but experience in training really helps. Many trainers start out by volunteering or interning at marine animal facilities, like CMA. It's a job in demand, so be willing to relocate to and work you're your way up.

How do I Become a Marine Mammal Vet?

Becoming Veterinarian (or vet) can be a very rewarding career, but it takes a lot of work. First they need to complete a four year degree and then continue on to vet medicine school for another four years. Once they become a vet, next is time training for exotic vet and finally marine vet training. Some of the people you see working with our animals at CMA are not actually vets, rather vet-techs or animal care volunteers. They report to the vet and it's a great way to help out if you don't have all the required schooling.

How do I Become a Biologist?

Biologists usually have a four year bachelors degree in biology. From there, you can pursue a Masters degree to specialize in a specific field, such as marine biology.