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Meet Our Staff

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Meet Our Staff

Executive Team:

  • David Yates – Chief Executive Officer
  • Frank Dame – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Karen Jubrail – Chief Financial Officer
  • Lee Behensky: Chief Development Officer
  • Mike Hurst – Vice President, Zoological Care and Operations
  • Dawn DeSantis – Vice President, Guest Relations and HR


  • Ivy Carrasquillo: Special Event Manager
  • Tammy Baureis: Development Assistant
  • Stephanie Fox: Development Associate


  • Jen Carlisle: Director of Tourism Marketing
  • Ellen Annis: Digital Systems Analyst
  • Captain Joe Malo: Video Productions
  • Tracy Philbeck: Graphic Designer
  • Tyler Rowland: Senior Art Director
  • Eden Kruse: Social Media Coordinator 
  • Kelsey Mckeon: Marketing Coordinator

Public Relations:

  • Becca Romzek: Community Relations Coordinator


  • Adrienne Cardwell: Manager of Sea Turtles
  • Cassie Edelman: Supervisor of Sea Turtles and Aquatic Biology Programs
  • Cassie Seebart: Sea Turtles

Marine Mammals:

  • Kelly Martin: Director, Marine Mammal Programs
  • Robin Bates: Supervisor of Marine Mammals
  • Tiffany Blake: Senior Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Cassie Edelman: Associate Biologist
  • Heather Statz: Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Abby Stone: Senior Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Juliana Wendt: Senior Marine Mammal Trainer
  • John Widick: Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Susan Young: Senior Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Camelle Zodrow: Senior Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Hada Herring: Stranding Biologist
  • Donnie Seeders: Water Quality Technician
  • Don Stansell: Manager of Water Quality


  • Janice Wood: Director of Retail Sales
  • Brent Knouff: Retail Sales Manager
  • John Wagner: Online Sales Operation Manager
  • Randy Hendrix: Retail Store Manager
  • Natasha Ramirez: Retail Team Lead
  • Maria Rimlinger: Retail Team Lead
  • Jill Derven: Retail Team Lead
  • Nicole Maloney: Retail Team Lead
  • Tessa Reusch: Retail Team Lead

Guest Relations:

  • Ann Clark: Director of Ticketing and Reservations Systems
  • Maddie Scott: Director of Guest Experience
  • Terry Hoffer: Reservations Supervisor
  • Andre Freeman: Reservations Team Lead
  • Chad Laughhunn: Guest Operations Supervisor
  • Brian Eversole: Guest Experience Supervisor
  • Kristy Maxwell: Ticketing Supervisor
  • Austin Schoeck: Ticketing Team Lead
  • Jen Sharlow: Mascot Team Lead
  • Erica St. Charles: Guest Operations Team Lead
  • Jordan Rehs: Guest Operations Team Lead
  • Jeromee Kidd: Parking Host Team Lead
  • Ray Vereb: Food Service Manager
  • Mary Ricci: Food Service Assistant Manager


  • Tim Smith: Facilities Manager
  • Richard Burkett: Facilities
  • Joseph Florio: Facilities
  • Dirk Mazzei: Facilities
  • Brad Philips: Facilities Supervisor
  • Vic Tavares: Facilities Team Leader


  • Don Dewsnap: Director of Accounting
  • Nancy Gillespie: Staff Accountant
  • Bridget Kuester: Senior Staff Accountant
  • Jennifer Gilbert: Accounting Assistant


  • David Kinne: Training and Development Specialist
  • Casey Melton: Assistant Volunteer Coordinator 


  • Lisa Oliver: Director of Education
  • Anastasia Steinbrunner: Supervisor of Education Programs
  • Kerry Sanchez: Supervisor of Education Operations
  • Annabelle Cartwright: Education Team Lead
  • David Ramsa: Education Team Lead


  • Captain George T. Schott: Lead Captain


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