Online Contest & Giveaway Terms

Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to all CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM’s contests and giveaways on official channels, including official CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM’s pages on social networks, unless noted otherwise.

1. To win any prize or giveaway, you must be 14 years of age or older, meet all of the eligibility requirements, and agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement that applies to any contest or giveaway.

2. Eligibility to win any prizes is subject to paragraphs 4 and 5 below. Residents of all countries are eligible to win prizes, provided any winner is otherwise eligible pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.

3. No purchase is necessary to participate. Contest and giveaways are void where prohibited.

4. Only one entry per person will be counted for any Contest or giveaway. CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM reserves the right to change, modify, or end a Contest or giveaway if it appears someone is attempting to send multiple and/or automated entries or otherwise interfere with a Contest or giveaway. The submission of more than one entry automatically disqualifies the person submitting multiple entries from a Contest or giveaway.

5. Entries become property of CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM and will not be returned. The submission of any entry into a Contest or giveaway shall constitute the express agreement of the person submitting such entry to the terms and conditions of the Contest or giveaway and any determinations made by CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM or other company connected to a Contest or giveaway. In addition, any eligible Contestant who may be eligible to win a prize must comply with the affidavit as described below, non-compliance with the terms and conditions of such paragraph will constitute a forfeiture of any prize without compensation and without recourse.

6. A representative of CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM will contact the winners by e-mail within 5 business days of the conclusion of a Contest or giveaway.

7. CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM shall have no liability in connection with the awarding or use of any prizes or giveaways other than upon receipt within the specified time frame of the winners’ affidavits of eligibility and release, to send the prizes to the winners at the address listed in the winner’s registration.

8. Each winner must  grant CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM and its designees, of the right to use the winner’s name and likeness in advertising and otherwise, except where prohibited by law.

9. Should there be a dispute over the identity of a Contestant, it shall be resolved in favor of the holder of the e-mail account used to enter the Contest or give-away. If any winner provides incorrect information that precludes delivery of the prizes, such winner forfeits any prize that he or she may have been eligible to win.

10. Any decisions of CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM regarding winners shall be final and binding.

11. CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM reserves the right to cancel any Contest or giveaways for any reason CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM deems necessary. CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM may change any terms and conditions applicable to any Contest or giveaway in its sole discretion at any time.


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