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Winter Hope Embrace Unique

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Friends of Winter & Hope

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Inspirational Stories
Braedon's Story
Braedon M.
Braedon is a 7-year-old double-amputee...
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Bernadette's Story
Bernadette S.
Bernadette Scarduzio was born with the most common inherited disease that no one has ever heard of...
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Milo H.
Milo H. is a 5 year old boy with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia...
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Was it scary? Yes. But Winter helped me get through it. Winter's story is so inspiring and it really helped me over these past few months.

Carly M.
At only three months old, Winter was found stranded in Mosquito Lagoon...
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Harold (a.k.a) Mavis
Harold was found in Fred Howard Park crawling on the beach...
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I dont let losing a leg stop me! Winter has help me realize that even when things get hard, you will get through it!

Lexi M.
Caroline Kole
Caroline K.
Clearwater Marine Aquarium held a special place not just in my heart...
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Lisa's Story
Lisa S.
I lost all 4 limbs last year due to septic shock. My dream has been....
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Don't tell me I can't, let me decide that.


Linda N.
Claire L.
For my 11th birthday, I asked for money instead of gifts...
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Bailey joined the CMA family in November, 1989...
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Oscar the Otter
Oscar was rescued on March 21, 2009 by the SPCA and was...
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I love the movie and I love that winter has never given up. She inspires me to never give up!

Hope P.
Renee L.
My daughter Cassidy-Rae was born 10 weeks early and was in the...
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Claudia Dopico
Meet Claudia Dopico, a 13 year old girl suffering from Apert Syndrome.
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She went through the same thing as me.

Jasmine Montes
Cole Eicher
Cole Eicher was diagnosed with brain cancer on February 3, 2014. 
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Maja's Story
Maja K.
When Maja Kazazic was 16 years old and living in Bosnia during the war, she was severely injured from a motor shell rocket grenade.
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Bill hasbeen inspired by Winter and have realized they can overcome their challenges as well.

Lorie S.
My name is Lorie S. I am from Kansas City. I was born with cerebral Palsy...
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