Great white pelican


Great White Pelicans

The second largest in the pelican family, great white pelicans have a white plumage (feathers) with a pink facial patch and yellow legs. They have a very large wingspan of up to 9 feet but are very light, typically weighing between 15-17 pounds due to their hollow bones.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium mourns the loss of Lucy, who passed away on June 9, 2015.

Ricky the pelican

Ricky "Rufus"

Species: Great white pelican

Sex: Male

Age:12 (estimated)

Favorite Food: Ricky’s diet consists of fish, preferring silver sides and capelin.


Movie Star

Ricky, a great white pelican, was one of the pelicans that played the part of “Rufus” in the Dolphin Tale movies. This was not Ricky’s first experience working in front of a camera; he was also in the movie Zohan starring Adam Sandler.

Pelican Ambassador at CMA

Ricky now calls Clearwater Marine Aquarium home and serves as an important ambassador for his species and other sea birds that surround our waterways, helping bring awareness to wildlife along our coastal waters.

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Daily Presentations:
2:00pm – Guess That Pelican!

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Rufus Beach


Animal Encounter

Feed Rufus

Feed fish to our pelican, Ricky, who played the role of Rufus in Dolphin Tale.


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