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Mavis’s Rescue Hideaway Cam

Named after the Dolphin Tale 2 character “Mavis,” a rescued, rehabilitated and released sea turtle, the new habitat was made to house the animal actor who played him, Harold. Currently, Mavis’ Rescue Hideaway is also home to UlaCupid, Madam, Stubby and Titus, as well as red fish, hogfish, tarpon, lookdowns and stingrays.

Do you see a sleeping turtle? Although turtles are air-breathers, they often prefer to sleep on the floor of their exhibit as the rocks around them provide structure and safety while they rest. Don’t worry if you see a turtle resting on the bottom. While resting on the floor, turtles will surface to breathe, then may swim right back to their resting position on the floor of the exhibit to sleep some more!

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