Inspiring Guests of All Ages

Sharing our love of learning
and marine life

Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s Education Department is dedicated to inspiring guests of all ages to appreciate the marine environment while promoting conservation action and developing an understanding for the irreplaceable value of all life in our world’s ocean. By teaching children and adults the importance of conservation, ecology and stewardship, we believe they will apply this knowledge to make sustainable choices and take an active part in preserving our marine environment.


Please see our Educational Planner for a full description of all the Educational Programming offered at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. All programming is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.

Educational Planner (PDF Download)

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We offer a coastal learning experience, with week-long camps (half or full-day) featuring Winter, Hope and their river otter and sea turtle friends.

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s educational department seeks to provide as many opportunities for engaging and fun educational experiences either here at CMA or off-site.

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Teacher Resources

We provide an online curriculum for first through fifth grade that can be used as a pre-field trip activity or stand-alone addition to classroom plans.

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Field Trips

Bring your class on unique field trips to experience marine life firsthand with our educational group boating and snorkeling adventures.

Kids Zone

Check out these interactive games and coloring pages.