Online Curriculum Modules

shark swimming forwardWant to virtually bring Clearwater Marine Aquarium educators into your classroom? Each module is presented by a Clearwater Marine Aquarium education staff member and is approximately 30 minutes in duration. Learn all about our local ecosystem in your classroom and follow up with a visit to the Aquarium. Contact the Education Department at: 727-441-1790 Ext. 252 so you can learn how to access our online curriculum modules on the following topics:


Price: $10.95 per module      

Why do sharks and dolphins look so similar but act so different? Why do some birds have hooked beaks, while others have long, straight bills? How can some trees grow in salt water while others can’t? We will explore these questions and more as we travel around the Aquarium to meet with and learn about some of our resident Florida species and discover their amazing adaptations!

Structure and Function
Students can get up-close with Nicholas the bottlenose dolphin as we discuss structure and function. While Nicholas shows off all of the amazing things dolphins can do, dive deep into dolphin anatomy, and discover the “how’s” and “why’s” of cetacean adaptations. Learn how dolphins survive in their watery home, how they catch their prey and how people can impact their environment.

sea urchin
Food Web
Journey to Honeymoon Island State Park and meet with real rangers as you learn about the watershed food web. Learn how invasive species impact the native population and the importance of certain keystone species. Meet some unusual critters as you travel from uplands to coastal environments in your journey through the food web.

Join Clearwater Marine Aquarium for a fun snorkeling excursion into the local estuary. See what lurks beneath the waves and how these animals live, hunt and hide each day. Travel along to local islands, sea grass flats and sandbars as we find different seabirds, invertebrates, mammals and more!

Life Cycles
Experience the life cycle in action as you learn about five different Florida species, including loggerhead sea turtles, nurse sharks, Eastern brown pelicans, North American river otters and hermit crabs. Compare and contrast these animals and travel with them from birth to adulthood.


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