Posted March 4, 2018 | Updated March 9, 2018

Meet Aurora, a CMA Inspiration Ambassador

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The inspirational stories at Clearwater Marine Aquarium have changed lives – just ask Aurora!

Aurora just celebrated her one year anniversary as an Inspiration Ambassador for Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Aurora has a special connection to Winter the Dolphin. She is on the autism spectrum, and through watching the Dolphin Tale movies she has gained self-confidence and learned to “never give up” and to “keep going” through her life challenges. After being connected to the aquarium and Winter’s story, she now aims to be a motivational speaker. She currently is asked to speak to university classes and even at the Special Olympics! And as an Inspiration Ambassador for CMA, Aurora shares her connection to CMA in her home state of Iowa – and educates people on how they can protect marine life and the environment.

For Aurora’s one year anniversary of being a CMA representative, she returned to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to reconnect with the rescued animals that have inspired her and helped her gain self-confidence.

Aurora Reads Her Letter to Winter and Hope

The highlight of Aurora’s trip was an encounter with two of our resident, rescued dolphins, Winter and Hope. Aurora was able to get up close with both dolphins and read a letter to Winter about how much her story has inspired her and taught her that “we are capable of anything, despite the obstacles that come our way.”

handwritten letter

Aurora with Hope Dolphin

“Winter has showed me that just because we are different, we are no different than anyone else and can do things just like everybody else and deserve to be treated just like everybody else.”

Aurora continues to spread the word about CMA’s mission of rescue, rehab and release in Iowa. Keep up the good work Aurora!

Aurora with inspiration team



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