Posted November 2, 2017 | Updated November 3, 2017

Nicholas the Dolphin Predicts the World Series Winner

Nicholas Continues His Winning Predictions

On October 24 Nicholas the dolphin predicted the Houston Astros would win the World Series. Last night, the Astros defeated the Dodgers in a close 4–3 series to win the championship. We are not surprised that Nicholas got it right! He now has an incredible 5-for-6 winning record of sports predictions.

Take a look back at some of Nick’s past predictions.

Nicholas the dolphin world series pick

From Rescued Dolphin to Sports Prognosticator

Nicholas is a rescued bottlenose dolphin that was found stranded with severe sunburns. He was orphaned and unable to learn necessary survival skills as a calf, therefore he became a permanent resident at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Making unbelievable sports predictions is just one of Nick’s many talents he has demonstrated and a special part of his animal enrichment.

Cooper Otter World Series

Cooper the river otter made the correct prediction as well! He might be the next star sports prognosticator.

Animal Enrichment

Enrichment is a key component in every animal care program. It is just as vital to our animals’ overall health as is good nutrition and medical care. Out in the wild, animals are constantly faced with risks, challenges, and choices throughout their lives. This occurs during a majority of the activities that are required for basic survival – foraging for food, fleeing from predators, raising young, and interacting with other animals, just to name a few. A successful enrichment program affords the animals a sense of choice and control over their environment. In general, it has been found that animals with a stimulating and enriching environment are healthier and happier!

We don’t know exactly how Nicholas makes his picks, but we know he is a winner!

Watch these videos to learn more about Nick’s rescue story and life at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. 

You can read more about Nick’s story or watch him on our live webcams.

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