Are you an ocean warrior?

Plastic pollution affects

Scientists are finding that chemicals in plastic consumed by fish may eventually travel up the food chain – and get into our bodies.

How many years does it take for a plastic bottle to break down?

Microbeads are a form of microplastic that can't fully degrade in the ocean.

Cigarette butts are a commonly found plastic in the ocean.

You can shrink your ecological footprint by

Now that you’re an ocean warrior, take the pledge to protect our oceans!


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Only 1 in 1,000 sea turtles survive to adulthood. It’s crucial that we give them the best chance at survival.

This means if you see a nest hatching, or a hatchling racing to the water, 💡🙅‍♂️keep your lights out & hands off👐🙅‍♀️! If you find an injured or disoriented hatchling (away from the water, off the beach, etc.) call CMA or your local law enforcement before interfering. Be a sea turtle hero by following these rules! #TurtleTuesday
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