Pelican Facts Quiz

What species of pelican is Ricky, also known as “Rufus” in the Dolphin Tale films?

What type of pelican is commonly found in Clearwater Bay where the Dolphin Tale movies take place?

How many gallons of water can a pelican hold in their bill?

How many pounds of fish does it take to raise one pelican chick?

A pelican's bone is filled with air sacs which allow their bone structure to be lightweight, making it easier for them to fly.

A pelican's bill and a sea turtle's carapace (shell) are made up of the same material, keratin.

The ______________ are amongst the heaviest birds capable of flight and have long broad wings that are suited for soaring and gliding.

Which pelicans are larger, males or females?

Pelicans can be found in the following environments

What mammal is the largest threat to pelicans?

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